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2022年度夏季 国内英語研修説明会(終了)


Are you interested in taking your English studies to the next level this semester?

With the corona situation, it is still not easy to travel overseas, so we are organizing a “Stay-at-home study-abroad” course (国内英語研修), which will be of particular interest to 2nd and 3rd year students who have completed the ACE program.

You will study once a week from Quarter 2, then complete a 2-day intensive English course at Tokyo Global Gateway in August. The program will include simulated study-abroad experiences, as well as the sorts of classes that are often taught at universities overseas.

There is no cost for the program, but participants will be expected to arrange their own transportation and accommodation in Tokyo.

Only 16 students will be chosen to take part.

If there are more than 16 applications we will choose based on your submission details.

If you’d like to find out more, please attend the online説明会 on 20 April from 12:30. You’ll find the Zoom details below.

Dr Tim Greer

School of Languages and Communication

Kobe University


Online meeting Zoom details

20 April 2022 12:30–13:00

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Meeting ID: 810 6114 9400

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