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About the Language HUB

The Language HUB at Kobe University is a learning community (so-called the “learning commons”) designed to help students to develop their foreign language abilities outside the formal classroom. 

The Language Hub provides a social space for all Kobe University students to communicate with each other in a foreign language. The Language Hub is filled with resources in order to provide learning opportunities to suit all students’ needs. The resources include not just materials (e.g., books, magazines, paperbacks, and practice tests for exam preparations) but also tutors from all over the world who are fellow international students here at Kobe University. In this way, the Language Hub is designed to enable students to learn a foreign language autonomously in their own ways to achieve their own goals. 



Where is it located?

Room#D408,  4th floor, D-building, School of Language and Communications (SOLAC), Kobe University

【Open Time】Mondays – Thursdays   10:40 – 17:00

                          (closed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)

【Contact】Helpdesk (Room#D501) / Email: iphe-helpdesk (AT) research.kobe-u.ac.jp

★Please fill out the sheet placed near the entrance when visiting the room★


Tutor Session: Let’s talk in a foreign language!

You can talk with our tutors about anything you want! You can just chat about daily life, hobbies, and future dreams. You can also ask our tutors about their countries and cultures. 

Our tutors include international students from many different countries and speak English, German, French, Chinese, and more. It’s a great chance for you not only to improve your foreign language abilities but also make new friends!


How to Use the Language HUB? 

No reservations are needed– just drop in!


Who are the Tutors? 

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Absent tutors / Other information

International Student Exchange Party

Thank you all for gathering!


★ ☆ We have held the International Student Exchange Party as followed ☆ ★

【Date and Time】:July, 17 (Wed.) 17:00

【Place】:Tsurukabuto 1st Campus, SOLAC (D-building), 4F, Language HUB (D408)

HUB Library

About the HUB Library

The HUB Library provides a wide range of book collections categorized in multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Korean, etc.).
The type of books it displays also vary (novels, graded readers, exam preperations, magazines, picture books, dictionaries, NHK textbooks and CDs, comics, etc.).
Please feel free to visit and find the best book to take with you!

  • The service is available anytime when the Language HUB is open.
  • Please fill out the checkout form when borrowing the books.
  • Users may borrow 3 books for 1 week.
  • The HUB Library is available even during the Tutor Session (don’t hesitate to enter).
  • For requests, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk (D501).

Introduction to E-books

★ Find the best book at your level! ★
The well-known graded reader series MACMILLAN READERS is also available as E-books!

Start reading from here!

New book arrivals

February 19, 2019 (Announced)
  • 『湾生回家』
  • 『中国語イラスト辞典』
  • 『中日大辭典 第3版』
  • 『動詞・形容詞から引く 中国語補語用例 20000』
  • 『現代漢語詞典 第7版』
  • 『Dictionnaire Hachette Junior de poche』
  • 『DELF Scolaire et Junior』 A1, A2, B1
  • 月刊NHKラジオ 『まいにちロシア語』 2018年4月~2019年3月号
  • 『ロシア語のしくみ 《新版》』
December 17, 2018 (Announced)
  • 『TOEIC L&R TEST 出る単特急 銀のフレーズ』
  • 『TOEIC L&R TEST 出る単特急 金のフレーズ』
  • 『公式 TOEIC Listening&Reading 問題集 2』
  • 『公式 TOEIC Listening&Reading 問題集 3』
  • 『公式 TOEIC Listening&Reading 問題集 4』
  • 『実践 IELTS 技能問題集 スピーキング』
  • 『実践 IELTS 技能問題集 ライティング』
  • 『ベーシッククラウン 独和・和独辞典 小型版』
  • 『アポロン 独和辞典 第3版』
  • 『クラウン 独和辞典 第5版』
  • 『アクセス 独和辞典 第3版』
  • 『よくでる分野をまとめて覚える 独検イラスト単語集 2・3・4級レベル』
  • 『独検対応 クラウン ドイツ語単語 1600』
  • 『Knock knock, Lithuania』
  • 『Castles and Manors of Lithuania』
  • 『LITHUANIA UNESCO World Heritage』
  • 『1 Vilnius. Eime! Vilnius. Let’ go!』
  • 『2 Vilnius. Eime! Vilnius. Let’s go!』


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