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Kobe University SOLAC

《 KALCS English Paper Reviewing Tutorial 》


The KALCS English Paper Reviewing Tutorial is available for free during the year 2021.

Since it is a remote instruction by Zoom,  you can take any place.

Online application/reservation is possible anytime. 


【When is it practiced?】

2021/11/1 ~ 2022/1/31

( All weekdays  ①12:00~13:00 ②13:15~14:15 ③14:30~15:30 ④15:45~16:45 )


【Teacher Introduction】

   《 Don Moore 》
“Welcome to the KALCS tutorial service. If you have a paper for presentation, publication or submission, we can help you improve its clarify and precision. We also check power point slides and applications for overseas universities and positions. Please don’t hesitate to make a reservation and see if we can be of service. 

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Access from here


Kobe University, Tsurukabuto 1st Campus, D-building, SOLAC (School of Language and Communications), 5th floor, room#D508

*This year, KALCS will take place on-line with zoom.



After the tutorial, please answer to the online survey which can be accessed from the following button link (this will also be introduced by the teacher).

We greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.

Access to the online survey


SOLAC Helpdesk (D501)

Email: kalcs-office (AT) solac.kobe-u.ac.jp