KOBE UNIVERSITYSOLAC神戸大学 大学教育推進機構 国際コミュニケーションセンター






また,学会活動に関しては,全国英語教育学会(理事),関西英語教育学会(副会長),大学英語教育 学会関西支部(理事),計量国語学会(理事),学術英語学会(理事),日本文体論学会(理事),日 英言語文化学会(評議員),英語コーパス学会(理事),JALT(編集委員),コンピュータ利用教育学会(理事,会誌編集委員長)など.関連学会において役職を歴任している.

Educational guidance at all stages from university-wide core education to doctoral courses

The SOLAC faculty members also teach in the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies’ course in Foreign Language Education. As a result, faculty members research and supervise graduate students in the following areas: (1) foreign language education as a common education throughout the university, (2) autonomous foreign language learning support for non-regular students, and (3) research in graduate schools (Master’s program and Doctoral program). This is the foundation of the center’s outstanding educational and research capabilities.

Graduates from our graduate course have excellent employment prospects, and those who have completed the doctoral program have gone on to employment at a variety of universities in western Japan, include Hyogo University of Education, Kinki University, Osaka University, Hiroshima International University, Fukui University, International Pacific University and Kobe Gakuin University. Some have also taken on full-time employment overseas, such as at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Shandong University of Science and Technology, and we also have graduates who teach part-time at schools like Kansai University, Kansai University of Foreign Studies, and the University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences. In addition, some of our masters graduates are working as specially appointed teachers at neighboring schools and others have been employed as English teachers at junior and senior high schools.

With a concern for continuity in foreign language education across elementary

junior high, and high schools, SOLAC works in close collaboration with schools affiliated with Kobe University to conduct a range of practical research for all curriculums for K-12 and beyond. SOLAC established the Committee to Promote University/Affiliate English Language Education, and under this research advisory system, each of SOLAC’s full-time faculty members is paired with an English teacher from one of the affiliated schools in order to conduct practice-based research activities. Such joint research programs between a national university and its affiliated schools are rare. This relationship has resulted in high levels of collaborative research, which has been published via SOLAC’s academic journal.

Providing a unique foreign language learning support system

In addition to regular foreign language education, SOLAC develops and maintains the following unique systems that support students’ autonomous language learning outside normal class time

  • The Language HUB Room:As a common space for international students and Japanese students, it is a place for cross-cultural exchange at the Tsurukabuto Campus of Kobe University.
  • ICT classrooms:The design of these classrooms emphasizes the “closeness” between teachers and students in order to liven the classes and encourage students to participate actively in classes. There are two types, the Active Learning (AL) Labs and the Interactive Learning (IL) Labs.
  • KALCS:This program provides writing support according to the needs of the individual. Our professional native English-speaking staff will offer you support for writing academic papers and presentation manuscripts.
  • Overseas short-term language training:Students can take part in SOLAC’s overseas study tours including trips to the United States, France, Austria, China, and other countries.
  • External exams such as TOEIC and TOEFL (Kobe University TOEIC-IP test/TOEFL-ITP test): Prepare for job hunting or respond to the needs of students who want to take external exams in search of their own English learning benchmarks. Briefing sessions and workshops related to these tests are held regularly to promote the use of external examinations among the university’s students.