Ellen Rettig-Miki(特命助教)

(全学)PSA Oral 3, PSA Reading 3, GEM Reading 3, GEC Advanced Presentation, GEC Advanced Discussion, GEC Advanced Writing, General Oral 3

Areas of interest include ESP (specifically Business English and Technical English), Evaluation and Assessment, EFL Writing, and Conversational Analysis

"No learning, no knowledge is ever wasted"   Mercedes Lackey

When you are a student, sometimes it is hard to understand the purpose of what you are studying, and sometimes students feel they are wasting their time studying a particular subject.  Learning is always valuable, even if you do not understand how you will use the knowledge in the future.  There were so many times when I was training adult employees Business English Communication Skills that my trainees said, "I wish I had studied English harder in school, but I didn't think I would ever need it. Now I need it!"  I want to help you all to improve your skills now, so that in the future, you will be able to use those skills when you need them.

・Rettig-Miki, E. (2011) Communication Skills for Working Professionals <seminar text>
・Rettig-Miki, E. (2011) English Interview Skills <seminar text>
・Rettig-Miki, E. (2008) Phrasal Verbs for Business <textbook>
・Rettig-Miki, E. (2003) Business Correspondence Seminar, rev. <seminar text>

I have recently moved to university teaching after many years teaching ESP (English for Specific Purposes) as a Business and Technical Communications Trainer for different Japanese and multi-national companies here in Japan.  I am very interested in (and am currently doing research on) the gaps between what English communication skills businesses want their new employees to have versus what most students are focusing on at their universities. I am now the Membership Chair of the JALT Business Communications SIG.

研究室: D627
メールアドレス: rettig-miki(アット)garnet.kobe-u.ac.jp