Gregory Sholdt(特任教授)

<学部>英語 オーラル I, II, III; 英語アドバンストA

TEFL, Fluency development, Professional development for language teachers, Research methods

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever you do in life- either by choice, out of need, or under obligation, do it with enthusiasm. Every endeavor is an opportunity for growth and achievement, and unexpected opportunities will always come from applying yourself with hard work and enthusiasm. And without those two components, you may never know what was lost or could have been. Make the most of your English studies at university, you never know where strong English skills will take you!

  • Does Long-Term Engagement in Extensive Reading Alter Attitudes Toward Reading in English? (2008). Proceedings from the 2008 Temple University Japan Applied Linguistics Colloquium. Co-author with Apple, M., & Lieb, M.
  • Exploring Issues Surrounding the Use of Post-Reading Activities, Monitoring, and Grades in an Extensive Reading Approach. (2006). The Journal of the Teacher Education Program, Himeji Dokkyo University, 16, 76-91.
  • Asking Questions in the Interactive Television Classroom- How Easy Is It? (1995). University of Hawaii Press.

My work outside of the classroom has centered on professional development activities for language teachers in Japan by providing workshops and instruction on quantitative methods for classroom-based research.  I am also initiating new collaborative research projects and building an online network for language teacher-researchers looking for professional development and collaborative research opportunities.

研究室: D618
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