Bruno Vannieu(特任教授)

仏語IB・IIB、 仏語SA、仏語IV、フランス語会話I・II、フランス文学特集講義、フランス語文学演習

Language Teaching Methodology, Intercultural Communication

It is a fact that English is the main language for international communication. However, learning only one foreign language is not enough: a second one is necessary to have a contrasted perspective of the world. French is not very difficult to learn for people who have studied English, and it is said to be a beautiful language. Kobe University students have the opportunity to take classes up to the advanced level, go for a study trip in France, and study at a French university for one year. Please use this chance!

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My main research activity is in the field of French language teaching at the university level. I am interested in organizing cooperation networks between native and Japanese French teachers in Japan. In particular,
- I am active in the editorial committees centered on two new French textbooks recently published ("Moi, je..." series). Eight Kobe University teachers are involved in this project, making Kobe University the center of this collaborative effort.
 - I am the organizer of an annual sharing workshop: 表現主体の大学外国語教育に関する研究会.

研究室: D616
Email: vannieu(アット)