Ten ways to get the most out of the Hub(ハブ室を楽しむ10箇条)

Ten ways to get the most out of the Hub

The new Hub room has opened up in rooms D408. Make sure you come and check out the new facilities and meet the new TA's. If you haven't made the Hub one of your regular spots yet, you should. Check out the following ideas for making the most what the Hub has to offer.

1. Drop in any time.

Even if you only have ten minutes to spare, come by and say hi. You don't have to stay long, but you can if you like. There are no time limits in the hub (except the closing time at 17:00).

2. Step through the door.

It is always difficult to go into a new room of people you don't know-even more so when they are speaking another language. But don't be scared. Take a deep breath and dive on in!  

3. Introduce yourself.

It possible you'll meet others who are also there for the first time. If your name is long or difficult to remember, consider introducing yourself with a nickname, such as Masa instead of Masayuki.

4. Don't worry if you make a mistake.

Everyone will make mistakes- even native speakers! It's a natural part of conversation. Learning to deal with mistakes is more important than trying to avoid them.

5. Use a piece of paper.

If you can't make yourself understood, write down the word on a piece of paper, or draw a picture- anything that helps to keep the communication going.

6. Come with some neta

Don't expect the TA to initiate conversation every time. It's up to you to think of some things to talk about too. If possible, try to have a few ideas in your head before you come- a topic from the news, or what you did on the weekend.

7. Change the topic

If you don't like what the group is talking about, find a way to introduce a topic that is easier for you to discuss. Wait for a break and then say something like, "By the way, have you ever heard of...."

8. Talk to your peers

Of course it is good to talk to the TA, but don't forget there are other Japanese students in the room too. A conversation is not the same as an interview. Don't forget to ask the other students in the room a question as well. Talk to everyone, not just the TA.

9. Write your name on the sheet

This helps us know how many students are using the hub room.

10. Above all, have fun

The purpose of the hub is for you to relax and talk. If you laugh and enjoy the conversation, you won't be nervous and you'll eventually be able to speak another language better.